Digital technology is creating a revolution in the way we think, learn, and play. Schools, however, can lag in understanding this revolution and implementing change that can create revolutionary educational environments. Without these revolutionary environments, schools risk sending students unprepared for the rapidly changing, technology rich world in which they will live and work this century. Thus, in the context of learning, understanding, and literacy it is imperative that effective technology integration occurs now so that schools and educational practices remain relevant in preparing students for success in the 21st Century.

We do need to be careful not to use technology just to use technology. We need to integrate digital technology because it is the right tool for the task, supports curricular goals, and enhances student learning and understanding. Technology integration is a means to an end. At the same time, we need to ensure that the integration of technology actively engages the students and has them creating, innovating, collaborating, communicating, thinking critically, and solving problems in meaningful and compelling ways. Moreover, helping students to understand when and how to use technology effectively and how to access and use digital information fluently are two of the key skills of the 21st Century.

The role of the technology learning coach (TLC) is twofold: to help teachers understand the importance of using technology in today's learning and to help them integrate technology in meaningful and compelling ways. The TLC encourages colleagues to take comfortable leaps with various digital technologies and applications while supporting them both pedagogically and technically. At the same time, the TLC helps teachers understand how technology can differentiate instruction and assess student understanding through a variety of ways. Overtime, the role of the TLC would reduce since all teachers would be seamlessly and confidently integrating technology in their curriculum to enhance student learning and understanding. The technology itself has become a transparent and integral tool in the process of teaching and learning. The TLC would still play a supportive role and refine practices while keeping an eye on future developments.

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